Centrifugal Pump

Chemical Process Corrosion Resistant Pump
We offer Induction Motors, Vibratory Motors, Slip Ring Motors, Torque Motors, Brake Motors, Gear Motors, and other customized drive arrangements

Bare Shaft Polypropylene Pump
Couple polypropylene pump is used in bare shaft pump coupled with motor almost continuous operation for process industries

Centrifugal Pump
We provide solution for liquid transfer and assure higher efficiency, better surface finish, free from casting defects and faster deliveries

Vertical Pump
For lifting corrosive lying down

Sealless / Glandless Pump
Mainly used for handling effluent water, the leakage is recollected in the pump.

Application :
» Conc. Hcl loading & unloading of road tanker
» Scrubbing of corrosive gases like Cl2, Br2 F2, I2, So2 , So3 , Co3 , NH3
» Water Treament
» Effluent Treatment
» Electro Plating
» Pickling in steel rolling mills
» Filter press for dyes
» Descaling

Following Industries Can Use
» Caustic Soda Plants (Chlor Alkali Industries)
» Dyes and chemicals
» Drugs and pharmaceuticals
» Fertilizer plants
» Thermal & atomic power plants
» Steel Plants
» Paper & pulp Industries (For Alum & NaOCI)
» Rayon and staple fiber plant (Bleach Liquor)
» Copper, Zinc smelter
» TiO2 Plant