Chemical Plant Process Pump Metal Recovery Processing Pump Water Treatment Plant Processing Pumps

Chemical Plant / Chemical Circulation

Various Metal Recovery Systems

Water Treatment Plant

Colour Photo Processing Pumps Textile Processing & Dye Baths Pumps Metal Finishing Processing Pumps

Colour Photo Processing

Textile Processing & Dye Baths

Metal Finishing

Chilling Plant Processing Pumps T.V. Tube Processing Pumps X-Ray Film Processing Pumps

Chilling Plant

T. V. Tube Processing

X-Ray Film

Electroplating Plant Processing Pumps Galvanising/Anodising Plating Plats Pump Etching/Spark Erosion Machines Pump

Electroplating Plant

Galvanising /Anodising Plating Plats

Etching/Spark Erosion Machines

Food Processing Pump Pharmaceutical Industries Pump PCB Plants Processing Pumps

Food Processing: Dairy,
Soft Drink, Beverages

Pharmaceutical Industries

PCB Plants

And Many More Where Pump Leakage Must Be Avoided


Magnetic Pump

  PMP 15   |  PMP 30   |  PMP 50   |  PMP 85   |  PMP 115   | PMP 300   | PMP 520

Magnetic Sealless Pump


PMP 50   |  PMP 85   |  PMP 115   |  PMP 150   |  PMP 300   |  PMP 555


Centrifugal Pump


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