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Precision Engineering Co.’ is a project specifically planned & conceived to meet the varied & exacting demand of chemical & process industries for corrosion resistance, leakage free chemical process pumps.

The company philosophy, customers’ service & operational reliability as it’s price management objectives in catering to the diverse pumping requirement of chemical industries.

Features 100% Leak proof, low noise & vibration, ex-stock deliveries


Magnetic Pump

  PMP 15   |  PMP 30   |  PMP 50   |  PMP 85   |  PMP 115   | PMP 300   | PMP 520

Magnetic Sealless Pump


PMP 50   |  PMP 85   |  PMP 115   |  PMP 150   |  PMP 300   |  PMP 555


Centrifugal Pump


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